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Special OfferVoIP IP Phone with complite VPN solution

What is Internet Telephony and Voice over IP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony is no longer the exclusive domain of technical experts - it is now so simple even grandmothers can use it!
VoIP Internet telephony is now accessible to everyone, including all kinds of domestic and commercial users. Now incredibly easy to set up and operate, and enabling global communication without any restrictions - it is also amazingly affordable, that is to say, when it isn't completely free!

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a protocol optimized for the transmission of voice through the Internet or other packet switched networks. VoIP is often used abstractly to refer to the actual transmission of voice ......

VoIP calls can be transmitted via the Internet and then transferred at their destination point. Global network interconnectivity enables millions of users to call each other for free.

VoIP technology still has several limitations that have prompted some to believe that it is not prepared for widespread deployment. Nevertheless, many industry analysts predicted that the "Year of Inflection" was 2005. This is where more IP PBX ports were shipped than normal digital PBX ports.

Support Protocol SIP RFC3261 RFC2543.

Support codec G.711A/u, G.722, G.723 high/low, G.729 A/B

Support G.168 echo cancellation compliant 96ms....

A newly developed SIP phone for enterprise supporting 5 SIP servers synchronously.

POE function and 123 64 LCD display.

VoIP solution for enterprise support PSTN/VoIP conference call multi SIP system register and encrypt communication with 4FXO maximum 80 extention.....

Single port with PSTN VoIP gateway supporting SIP/IAX2 protocol support. VPN auto provisioning VLAN, via VPN ans IP private.....

Cost-saving public prepaid payphone includes a sophiscated coin checker. Validator to sence and distinguish different typed and real/fake coins.

An award wining next generation IP phone supporting SIP/IAX2 and online status display. Featuring for VPN VLAN superb sound quality.