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VoIP Standard Rates
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Our goal is to achieve great customer satisfaction and become your main business partner offering the best possible rates, high quality and world famous personal customer care. Bellow you will find a brief explanation of our services, if you have any question or doubt please feel free to contact us, we will reply you in no time.

Rates Wholesale VoIP Premium - [ White, Directs, CLI Routes Only ]
  Wholesale VoIP Premium services means QUALITY ONLY, directly connected to TOP International carriers and major local phone companies in several countries.  We guarantee premium VoIP termination to all A-Z destinations with CLI Pass through when it is available.

This service is ideal for VoIP Carriers, Calling card companies, or any company who needs the best QUALITY with good call capacity. We can assure you won't find this kind of QUALITY with these rates.

Billing increments are (1/1) for A-Z except Mexico (60/60), USA (6/6)
Rates Wholesale VoIP Value - [ Good, Very Affordable Routes ]
  Wholesale VoIP Value is a rate oriented service, it includes very good working routes with awesome rates, these routes are the best combination of quality and rate suggested.   With this service you may find many rate opportunities to make good profits.

This service is ideal for VoIP Carriers, Calling card companies, or any company who looks cheap rates but understands Checkbox will do the best effort to keep acceptable quality.

Billing increments are (1/1) for A-Z except Mexico (60/60), USA (6/6)
Rates USA - Canada NPA / NXX - [ Billing per code, Lowest Rates Available ]
  USA - Canada NPA / NXX wholesale is a service oriented to maximize our customers profits. With more than 140k codes included you are not attached to a steady flat rate, you can pick the codes that works to your least cost routing (LCR) system. This service its not jurisdictional, you don't have to worry about having multiple rates for one code.

This service is ideal for VoIP Carriers who handles LCR or have dedicated traffic to USA and Canada.

Billing increments are (6/6)
  We are open to do business so if you could not find what your are looking for let us know your Real traffic amount and your target rates, we will reply with our available options.

* Deal Zone routes are available on a best efforts basis. These routes are price oriented only, and may be withdrawn at any time. In some cases, capacity may be limited. please contact us you are interested in one of those destinations.

Deal Zone

Rate [USD]
1 USA Dialer (Rate Negotiable Depending Traffic Amount) Negotiable
1 Canada Dialer (Rate Negotiable Depending Traffic Amount) 0.0055
1 USA-Canada NPA/NXX from 0.00126
86 China Dialer 0.043
1 Canada NON Dialer Onnet 0.0018
441 UK Dialer Negotiable
x Other Dialer Destinantions please inquire ASK