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The experienced management team at IPTEL Telecommunications reflects our deep commitment to create a world-class telecommunications organisation delivering superior value propositions to our customers. This seasoned team provides clear vision and direction for Iptel Telecommunications, as evidenced by our strong growth and customer satisfaction rate.

Iptel Telecommunications is the global market leader in the prepaid international calling card market present in 16 countries worldwide. Iptel Telecommunications offers a broad product portfolio comprising of prepaid telephony solutions including calling cards, mobile dialer service, carrier to carrier wholesale services and residential indirect access services.In 2006, Iptel Telecommunications launched bytemobile, our flagship mobile brand. Present in 7 markets, bytemobile continues to grow rapidly, attracting over 2.5 million customers already, with a further 7 market launches planned throughout the remainder of 2009.Through a relentless focus on providing voice quality by partnering with over 200 global telecommunications carriers, the Iptel Telecommunications brand serves its growing base of over 9 million customers within expatriate and ethnic global niche segments that want to make low cost international calls. We originate and terminate over 1.6 billion minutes of voice traffic per month and complete over 2.9 million voice calls per day.

Mobile Dialer

Mobile dialer also a latest offer from IPTEL Telecommunications . Its allow cristal clear voice with too low rate. now client can take reseller and also unique Id for it.

VPN IPphone

Now a day most of country block voice port. IPtel Telecommunications also offer VPN IPphone with gurrentee to run all over the world with chanlanging all IP block technology.

Comparison with PBX

  • Compose a dial plan, written in the Asterisk control language, to express the algorithm or control flow Asterisk uses to respond when calls are presented to it over these channels. Asterisk can be used for many specific applications and a customized dial plan has to be created specifically for each purpose, such as the functionality of a PBX. Asterisk is thus a 'construction kit' for building PBXs, rather than a PBX in itself, as is commonly thought.